Guaranteed Results – Tradies Websites and Online Marketing

We guarantee the quality of OUR work and a return on YOUR investment – if we don’t perform, you don’t need to pay!*

Many digital marketing agencies will promise the world. However, very few will put their money where their mouth is.

Unlike other companies, iformat Marketing 4 Tradies guarantees you’ll be seeing results. We take great pride in our services and our ability to get tradies the results they want.

In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities that we’ve put it into policy:

“If we don’t bring you enough new calls, enquiries and jobs in the first year to cover our monthly strategy fee,
we’ll work for FREE until we do!”*

What’s the catch?

Nobody else in the business offers a guarantee… there has to be a catch somewhere, right?

Rest assured, there’s no catch here! It really is as simple as it sounds: if we’re not paying for ourselves after the first year, we’ll work for free until we are!

We don’t resort to underhanded, sketchy tricks – all of our methods are proven and legitimate. Most importantly, they work, and have helped countless tradie businesses just like yours get more jobs and achieve unprecedented growth.

Each of our strategies are supported with detailed reporting, which allows us to make on-the-fly adjustments to your tradie marketing. We know exactly how our methods are performing – using this, we can detect potential hiccups and adjust our approach as we go to achieve your goals.

That’s why we’re able to so confidently promise results!*


About our tradie marketing

Exclusivity in your service area

At iformat, our policy is to only work with one tradie per trade, per area. That means only one plumber, electrician, mechanic or builder per city or suburb.

If we notice that a new client might present a potential conflict of interest for the area and services you are paying for, we will talk to you first to ensure they won’t step on your toes.

And if they do, we turn them away.

This is important because it ensures there’s no conflict of interest when we work with you. You can be confident that we’re working for your business, and not your competitors.

Why we offer a guarantee

Simply put, because we’re good at what we do. And we know it!

12 years – that’s how long we’ve been helping tradies grow their businesses.

And during that time, we’ve only had to honour our guarantee once.

Our toolbox contains a wide range of proven techniques, strategies and tools that have helped dozens of tradies grow. This is backed by powerful analytics and an almost uncanny sixth sense for tradie digital marketing.

The result? A positive return on your investment within 12 months, guaranteed!*

How long do I need to wait?

Our tradie marketing strategies deliver results from the moment your site goes live:

  • Better websites for tradies
  • Greater visibility online
  • More traffic online
  • More qualified enquiries
  • Improved ranking for important searches

All of this means you can enjoy a positive ROI before your first year with us is up.

Oftentimes, it doesn’t even take us half a year to make you a positive ROI – some of our tradies have seen a positive return in as little as 3-5 months with us!

Customising our guarantee

Every business is unique. We are more than happy to tailor our guarantee to meet your requirements.

For most clients, our guarantee is based on our monthly fee, and whether we’re making it back for you in terms of leads. However, you might wish to use a specific dollar value or number of leads for a specific service as your goal.

Whatever your requirements are, be sure to talk to us about your goals at the beginning of a project. We’ll be more than willing to accommodate!

* Terms and Conditions apply