Have you partnered with an ineffective digital marketing agency? 5 HUGE red flags

You wouldn’t think that digital marketing like us and tradies like you have that much in common. For the most part, that’d be true. However, there is one area where there’s significant overlap: the level of competition. Just as there are many tradies sprinkled throughout the city, there are also countless digital marketing agencies in Melbourne who have sprung up to meet the growing demand for digital marketing services. And just like tradies, finding [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 30th, 2019|Marketing|

How to get ahead of your competitors: why tradie SEO holds the answer!

The trades are a competitive marketplace. A quick Google search or flip through the Yellow Pages (yes, those still exist) reveals there are hundreds of tradies throughout Melbourne, each vying for the same jobs you want. Whether you’re a sparkie, chippie or plumber, you’ve got a tough fight ahead of you. Getting ahead of that much competition is hard. You’ll have to take any and all opportunities that you can leverage into a competitive [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 25th, 2019|Marketing|

3 reasons why your tradie website absolutely needs to be mobile-friendly!

How do you check your emails, browse Google or catch up on the latest viral videos? Chances are, it’s not your desktop anymore - more likely than not, it’s on your mobile! We’ve reached the point where many people are forgoing traditional desktop PCs and performing all their (non-work related) internet usage on mobile devices. Make no mistake, this is a major shift in the digital landscape. And it’s one that your tradie website [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 17th, 2019|Marketing|

How negative reviews affect your tradie SEO strategy, and what you can do!

Nobody likes receiving a bad review. Not only does it sting a little bit, but as all business owners know, it has the potential to directly affect how many calls you receive - your reputation is at stake! On top of all of that however, negative reviews also have another, lesser-known problem: they can harm your tradie SEO strategy. Unfortunately, sometimes negative reviews are simply unavoidable. Take heart, however: all is not lost! With [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 10th, 2019|Marketing|

Tradie marketing 101: how tradies can kick-start their digital marketing

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if your tradie business isn’t online, it should be! In today’s marketplace, tradie businesses that aren’t online are at a significant disadvantage. Specifically, they’re giving up a lot of potential calls and jobs. While we strongly recommend touching base with a tradie marketing agency to ensure that your tradie digital marketing strategy goes off without a hitch, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get started [...]

By Marketingfortradies| March 29th, 2019|Marketing|

Online presence matters: how you benefit from a tradie website

You’ve got everything you need to market your tradie business. Business cards? Check. Newspaper ads? Done. Flyers for the community noticeboard? All sorted. Tradie website updated? Um... Don’t worry, you’re not alone - while websites for tradies are important, many tradies don’t give them the attention they require. In fact, many skip the website completely and instead rely on search engine ads and social media. With more and more of our day-to-day lives moving [...]

By Marketingfortradies| March 22nd, 2019|Marketing|

Time is gold: how tradies can get more value out of their time

Time is a valuable asset - and unlike most salaried positions, tradies work on a per-job basis, so any second not on a job is time where you aren’t earning any money! As such, time is even more important for tradies! Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day - cross out 8 for sleep, and the remaining 16 are starting to look very limiting. Thankfully, there are several ways tradies can reclaim [...]

By Marketingfortradies| March 15th, 2019|Marketing|

4 common mistakes tradies make with their digital marketing

You’ve been in the business for some time now, but for some reason,  you aren’t seeing the results that you want. Recently however, you’ve heard of a potential solution to that problem: tradie marketing. Whether it’s from your fellow tradies, reading a tradie magazine or even stumbling upon this very blog, you’ve made your mind up: digital is the way to get more phone calls and jobs. Immediately, you get to work setting up [...]

By Marketingfortradies| March 8th, 2019|Marketing|

4 Signs you need help from a digital marketing agency

What stops tradies from hiring a digital marketing agency to look after their marketing? Is it because: They already know what to do? They don’t know they need one to begin with? It’s too expensive? The reasons vary. However, we can confidently say that without the experience and expertise of a digital marketing agency, we know for sure that you are missing A LOT! It might sound like we’re beating a dead horse, but [...]

By Marketingfortradies| February 10th, 2019|Marketing|

Choosing the right tradie marketing tactics

There’s a huge variety of different tradie businesses and trades out there. The one thing they all share? The right marketing tactics are crucial to getting more jobs and callouts. We shouldn’t have to explain the importance of marketing for tradies. It’s pretty self-explanatory: New clients More phone calls Better recognition A leg-up over the competition. The only question: what’s the right marketing strategy for your tradie business? And just as important: how do [...]

By Marketingfortradies| January 20th, 2019|Marketing|