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Marketing for tradies: how to get the most out of your tradie SEO

More phone calls. More jobs and callouts. Sustained growth. How does all that sound? It’s the tradie dream - and your tradie marketing strategy can help you get there. In particular, successful tradie SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox. That’s because most tradies are what we call “responsive” businesses. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics… the vast majority of your customers are people who’ve just run into some sort [...]

By Marketingfortradies| June 14th, 2019|Marketing|

Tradie marketing 101: product versus service marketing

Taking your first step into the world of tradie marketing can feel an awful lot like you’ve just gotten off a spaceship and stepped onto some strange, alien planet. And with all the different acronyms, data, computer-speak and other jargon, we don’t blame you! If you are looking for a way to elevate your tradie marketing you’ll need to start by figuring out whether you need a product marketing plan or a service marketing [...]

By Marketingfortradies| June 7th, 2019|Marketing|

Does your tradie website need a digital marketing team?

While there are some jobs that can be done DIY, most of your callouts are the type of job that should only ever be done by a professional. As a tradie, we’re sure you understand this better than most. Burst pipes. Electrical emergencies. Flood repairs. Each of these are big jobs - for best results, intervention from a trained professional (read: you) is essential. And your tradie website and digital marketing strategy are no [...]

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Digital marketing for tradies: how websites for tradies help you build credibility

In today’s modern, tech-savvy world, searching the web is the first thing people do when they’re looking for a tradie. Needless to say, if you don’t have an online presence, you’re essentially saying goodbye to countless potential leads and handing them to your competitors. That’s why it’s essential for you have a tradie website! However, websites for tradies can do much more than just raise your profile - when done properly, a tradie website [...]

By Marketingfortradies| May 21st, 2019|Marketing|

Tradie marketing 101: the characteristics of an effective tradie website

We’ve said it time and time again: “you need a tradie website”. The importance of a good tradie website hasn’t changed - what is different is that this time, we’ll be talking about what counts as a “good” tradie website. That’s because it isn’t enough to simply have a website anymore. If you want to see more phone calls (and therefore, more jobs), you need to start with a good tradie website. Simply put, [...]

By Marketingfortradies| May 14th, 2019|Marketing|

How websites for tradies can benefit from blogging

So, you’ve made the decision to invest in tradie digital marketing. You’ve made the right call. In our experience, websites and digital marketing for tradies are the key to success in today’s highly-competitive marketplace. Not to mention, it’s a major driver of growth - just as our tradies! As you scroll through admiring your brand-new tradie website, you notice a button tucked away in the top-right corner: one that simply says “blog”. We’ll let [...]

By Marketingfortradies| May 7th, 2019|Marketing|

Have you partnered with an ineffective digital marketing agency? 5 HUGE red flags

You wouldn’t think that digital marketing like us and tradies like you have that much in common. For the most part, that’d be true. However, there is one area where there’s significant overlap: the level of competition. Just as there are many tradies sprinkled throughout the city, there are also countless digital marketing agencies in Melbourne who have sprung up to meet the growing demand for digital marketing services. And just like tradies, finding [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 30th, 2019|Marketing|

How to get ahead of your competitors: why tradie SEO holds the answer!

The trades are a competitive marketplace. A quick Google search or flip through the Yellow Pages (yes, those still exist) reveals there are hundreds of tradies throughout Melbourne, each vying for the same jobs you want. Whether you’re a sparkie, chippie or plumber, you’ve got a tough fight ahead of you. Getting ahead of that much competition is hard. You’ll have to take any and all opportunities that you can leverage into a competitive [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 25th, 2019|Marketing|

3 reasons why your tradie website absolutely needs to be mobile-friendly!

How do you check your emails, browse Google or catch up on the latest viral videos? Chances are, it’s not your desktop anymore - more likely than not, it’s on your mobile! We’ve reached the point where many people are forgoing traditional desktop PCs and performing all their (non-work related) internet usage on mobile devices. Make no mistake, this is a major shift in the digital landscape. And it’s one that your tradie website [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 17th, 2019|Marketing|

How negative reviews affect your tradie SEO strategy, and what you can do!

Nobody likes receiving a bad review. Not only does it sting a little bit, but as all business owners know, it has the potential to directly affect how many calls you receive - your reputation is at stake! On top of all of that however, negative reviews also have another, lesser-known problem: they can harm your tradie SEO strategy. Unfortunately, sometimes negative reviews are simply unavoidable. Take heart, however: all is not lost! With [...]

By Marketingfortradies| April 10th, 2019|Marketing|